June 24, 2013

Love it, or Hate it? Wallpapered Ceilings.

A wallpapered ceiling can make a huge statement. The boldness of this style can be fashioned on odd walls, in plain rooms for a "pop" of pattern, or even in smaller spaces like the closet or bathroom. I personally love wallpapered ceilings, although it is key to use it in reason so that your space doesn't end up looking too cluttered. 

Here are some gorgeous ideas I've compiled that make me want to wallpaper a ceiling in my loft STAT!

If you are in the market for wallpaper, go take a peek at Abigail Borg's stunning collection. All of her works are hand drawn illustrations, which are printed onto a range of interior products. Her multi-award winning wallpaper and interior furnishings studio is based in rural Worcestershire, England. 

Check it out!

What do you think of wallpapered ceilings? Love it, or hate it?


  1. I kind of love it and I adore that last example of wallpaper...so elegant and feminine.

  2. omgggg that looks so cool!
    its gonna be common for me entering here <3 hope we could follow

    Sergio, xx

  3. It can definitely work as long as the pattern is not too big, to dark or too busy which can make the space look smaller and the ceiling lower. I love it in closets.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. Love it! Especially the gold powder room ceiling and the closet ceiling (is that lilac?) Gorgeous!

  5. As a minimalist, I only like the bathroom one just because there won't be much wall decor/items around to distract the eye :p

  6. I really like the first and fourth ones.

  7. I'm loving the little attic photograph, I feel the wallpaper brings the place alive in that situation.
    x eva

  8. I LOVE wallpapered ceilings! I think they had an element of surprise and personality to a space. xo


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