September 27, 2013

On a Bad Day...

This week I had a lot of bad days. Life has been stressful and I have been neglecting you guys for lazy nights sulking in front of the TV watching Orange is the New Black. I am sorry. I will be better. But hell, it sure feels good sometimes not to do anything but watch mindless TV.

Anyway, check in next week! I will be introducing a new weekly series. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

Have a happy and safe weekend friends!



  1. I love Orange is the New Black and so sad it's only 13 episodes!! Sorry to hear your week sucked! I hope this weekend is much better! Looking forward to your weekly series!!

  2. Orange is the New Black is SO good!! Sometimes mindless tv is the best cure.

  3. Bad days suck, and mindless tv is one of the best cures. I hope next week shows you some sunshine! Happy weekend to you!

  4. Hope you have a better week in this upcoming one! I totally relate to you actually, haven't been having the best luck as of lately ><. Cool blog btw. Just subscribed to you via bloglovin, would you follow back? Keep in touch ! :)

    Joyce @

  5. Actually sometimes I sit around and try on all different lipsticks and it makes me feel better. Also, did you make that little painting?

  6. binging on tv shows is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. everyone has been watching orange is the new black! I guess I need to jump on that bandwagon.


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