September 12, 2013

This Week's Lust Have: Coastal Living

My trip to Santa Cruz really had me missing the beach. 

Get the coastal look in your home with these amazing decor items. I am seriously crushing on those seahorses!

What do you think of coastal living interiors?

Shop this Board:

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  1. I love the coastal living vibe. The decor is always so refreshing! I'm a sucker for vases and the color blue; the blue vase must be mine haha! Thanks for the decor inspiration!!

    Simply Akshara

  2. Beach style is my favorite! I really like the chest and the picture.

  3. Beautiful seahorses! Love those.

  4. I live near the beach so I'm also drawn to beach decor. Everything on here is so cute! You're design boards always make me want to redecorate my house!!

  5. Very pretty decor... makes me want to buy a bungalow on the beach somewhere!

  6. love the seahorses!! so cute! I would love to have a beach house!

  7. I can totally see all of these in a nice cottage by the ocean (I wish). Great picks! xo

  8. Being a vacation interiors designer has me in many projects that call for coastal seaside styles. A very popular look for Florida and one that offers a calming environment. I have even used a few of the items you featured.


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