August 5, 2016

A Long Sabbatical...

Hello lovelies! It's been a while...

I took a long break from blogging to get married, advance my career, and drink more wine. A lot has changed, but I look forward to resuming where I left off (kinda). I apologize in advance if this turns into a mommy blog, because as of today I am 18 weeks pregnant!

Scott and I are thrilled to be welcoming our baby girl Sophie on January, 6th 2017. With all the excitement, comes some (no...a lot) of anxiety. In all transparency, I've turned into the biggest worrywart and my "carefree" attitude that was one of my defining features is no longer existent. My husband thinks I am going slightly crazy- and I don't blame him. I never dreamed I would worry so much about a little human that isn't even here yet. Should I vaccinate? Should I be worried about my vegan lifestyle? Should I use tea tree oil? What is up with Zika? Should I remain locked up in my house for the next 6 months? Excuse me, how much weight have I gained?! With this being my first pregnancy I know (hope) these are normal thoughts.

Anyway, I am excited to be back! The blog has been abandoned so hang tight here on the details. Looks like RewardStyle dropped me while on my "sabbatical", my URL was stolen, and I forgot how to HTML. But all is good and I'll get into the swing of things shortly, in the meantime check out a recent preggo selfie (I think this was 12 weeks):

shirt from Vici Collection and hat from Gorin Bros.(similar) 

Happy Friday!


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