May 23, 2013

To keep the yellow chair, or to not keep the yellow chair: that is the question

My boyfriend and I recently moved in together and boy do I now understand the true and ugly meaning of compromise. Ugly may be a strong word, but not when it comes to his yellow furniture. 

TWO yellow chairs were a part of the deal I signed on for when we decided to co-habitat. And let me tell you, he LOVES these velvet yellow messes. For the chairs not to ruin my fantastically modern Oakland loft and already chic style, I have to think outside the box. 

Here are a few ideas that may salvage my perception of yellow furniture and surprise all yellow color haters out there:

Marry yellow and fuchsia for a vibrant look.

Place a yellow chair in a neutral and earthy space.

A yellow chair in a breezy, tropical ambiance makes for a splash.

A yellow chair in a rustic room, I love it!

Again with the fuchsia! This funky look reminds me of one of my favorite shows Friends.

My yellow patterned chair. Suddenly a blank canvas?

Photo Credit:  [marvelousdesigner]   [trendey]   []   [lizmarieblog]   [littlegreennotebook]

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  1. Hello,

    I love the velvet yellow chair in the fuschia room and it's exactly what I'm looking for! Where exactly did you find it and do you know what store sells it? Thanks so much for your help!



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