June 9, 2013

Mix & Match: Layering with Jute

We layer our clothing items to keep warm, add color, or make a statement. So what about in the home? Could we layer multiple rugs to create a warmer ambiance? Add a smaller rug in the living room for a pop of color? Or get wild with an animal print over a more neutral material?  

I say, absolutely.
I’ve been rug shopping for a few months now and have been quite indecisive about narrowing down a style and pattern. I adore Jute rugs, although, they are a bit too plain for what I have going on in my loft as of yet. This indecisiveness has led me to fall in love with the idea of layering rugs, AND I think it is the perfect solution for me to pull the trigger on finally buying a rug(s)!

 Layer a Moroccan style rug over a natural jute rug.

Layer with a chic cowhide rug and an ivory jute.

 Fab sheepskin rug + Natural weave jute = So Glam

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