June 6, 2013

Awake my Soul: DIY Headboards

Have some fun with your headboard and chalk it up!

Salvage old antique doors for vintage charm. 

  A salvaged wood shelf that acts as a headboard is perfect for a beachy, rustic home.

 via Southern Exposure 
Nails + Fabric + Plywood= Headboard 

via Sunset 
Create a clip art headboard for a unique and personal design.

 via Better Homes
Think big by creating an entire wall of a headboard. Distressed barnwood planks stretch this wall from top to bottom. 

I plan on heading to Lowe's this weekend for some plywood and attempt to upholster my own DIY headboard. I've never done it before, wish me luck on this adventure! 

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  1. What great ideas for headboards. The chalk board idea is great for kids rooms and the shelf idea is also great for my budget conscience clients.


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