July 3, 2013

Matt & Julia are Getting Married!

Hi loves, Happy Wednesday (which is my Friday this week, Yippeeee!)

This weekend is a very special weekend for us, it is not only the Fourth of July, but it is also the wedding of my boyfriend's brother and his fiance, Matt and Julia. 

The wedding will take place at the gorgeous rustic Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley this Saturday. Julia had spent a ton of time on DIY wedding projects and I am looking forward to experiencing the final outcome!

More pictures of the wedding to come after this weekend, or follow along on my Instagram :)

I am so happy for these two!

Matt and Julia 2013! 

What are your Fourth of July plans?


  1. Aww they are cute! We're heading to the lake for fireworks and food yum!

  2. OOO I am excited to see! Are their professional photos going to live somewhere on the internet?

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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