August 9, 2013

Crazed for Cronuts

Meet the cronut. A donut and croissant love child taking NYC by the storm. Genius pastry chef Dominique Ansel's creation is causing spawning lines outside his bakery and endless copy-cats. The cronut is quickly sweeping the world and I have to admit, my sweet tooth is yearning to taste this masterpiece.

BITE WITH CAUTION: I googled how many calories are in a cronut, and I am sad to say my friends that this treat is a nutritional nightmare.  Expect to be using around 400-600 of your daily calorie intake. 

Worth a try?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Looks delicious! I'll just pretend I didn't see the calorie amount :)

  2. Hee hee I know it is and I have yet to have one : O

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  3. I have read about these and I want to try one SO badly.


  4. I want to try one of these SO bad! I think I am adding it to my "to see" list in New York! PS lady you are a no-reply blogger so I can never email you back when you comment!

  5. holy crap. wow. slap some cream cheese on it and make it even more unhealthy haha.

  6. it's still half the calories of a big mac and looks hellofa lot tastier ;) one of my ny friends instagramed that and i nearly died on the couch. look at all that delicious flakinessss.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. yum!! I had heard of these before....They look divine!

  8. Yes...ooh I've been wanting to bite into this craze!


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