August 8, 2013

This Weeks Lust Have: A Glam Office


Sophisticated, sexy, and glamorous offices make me happy- nuff' said. 

The recipe for a glam workspace: bronze accents + animal prints + modern furniture 

Can't get more chic than that, right?!

Now get the look my friends:

What does your home office look like?


  1. That chandelier you picked out is great! Well really everything you picked out is awesome! How comfy does that white rug in the first pic look?!

  2. this is such a fab round-up...I adore every single one! The lighting in all of these just steal my heart!

  3. I would die for a glam office...unfortunately the only office we have is a rather masculine one. I love the urchin bling!


  4. These pictures are gorgeous! I'm all up for a glam office- currently my desk is so so glam but I would love to accessorize it more with some great items. Great post!
    Simply Akshara

  5. I have huge dreams of one day having a fabulous office–not likely anytime soon, but for now I've settle for a white parsons desk and lucite chair. Love your inspiration here!

  6. nicole these are absolutely gorgeous picks! i just moved into a new place so still working on decorating but am totally going to have a glam desk space :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  7. I adore this board! The chair and desk make me giddy!

  8. lord how gorgeous is that glass desk you picked out?! my office consists of an ikea white desk haha- if i had one like one of those pictures id be muuuuch more productive ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. I love all of these picks. I feel like I would be so much more inspired & productive in a fabulous office!

  10. love your office picks!! thanks for the inspiration, can't wait to revamp my office :)


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