August 13, 2013

The End of Summer Romance

I am sad to say that summer is almost over and fall is approaching. Like many of you, I will be switching out my pretty florals for fall wools. Scott and I are planning an end of summer vacation to Santa Cruz and I plan to go all out in romantic prints and feminine hues. 

Shop this Board:

Do you dig this breezy, feminine style as much as me?


  1. I'm a bit sad about summer going by so fast too. It seems like it has only just started! I love the Miu Miu clutch from the collage :) It's SO pretty!! x

  2. divine!! That suit is beautiful and so is the dress!

  3. Oh my, that swim suit is something else. Nice!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. I'm rocking floral today but I can't lie I am pining for fall! I love getting cozy!

  5. That swim suit is stunning! Yay for Santa Cruz! One of my favorite places!

  6. Oh, that dress and the lingerie are so so so very pretty! Would be wonderful to have them. Enjoy your holiday! x


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